The problem with retraining in a new skill is that it tends to take a long time. In the modern world, everything is so fast paced that it’s inevitable you’ll need to pick up some new skills at some point. The days when you could just learn one skill really well, and then stick with it over the course of your entire life in one job are well behind us now. Fortunately, there are some skills you can learn related to computers that are tremendously useful and that really won’t’ take that long to pick up. Here are a few examples.


This is more of a scripting language that a true programming language. That’s one of the reasons why it’ll be such a cinch for you to learn. HTML controls how webpages look. You use HTML every time you create a web page including the size of the text, the font, inserting images, inserting links, and everything else to do with Web layouts. It likely won’t take you very long to learn, and the benefits to learning it well are enormous. There are people who make their entire livings online just by being particularly good at using HTML and designing web pages. If you at least know the basics, then you’ll be able to create your own web pages without having to rely on an extra application to get this done for you.

Computer Tech Skills That You Can Pick Up Quick

Line Graph in Excel

There are a lot of skills you can learn in Excel that you can learn in a single day, such as how to make a line graph. Excel is large enough though that mastering the entire thing could take a large amount of time. But getting skillful at just small parts of excel can be very useful in terms of doing a lot of things related to numbers such as finances and so on.

Web Design

In a more overarching sense, it’s easy to learn how to design your own website as well. You don’t even necessarily need HTML in order to learn this, though it helps. You can become skillful at using any other tool that helps you make and design your own website. These are a lot easier to pick up and learn than you might think and knowing how to create your own website is basically essential when it comes to the task of making a business online. It will also help with just about anything you have to do that’s related to online work.

Graphic Design

It’s true that becoming a master in Photoshop can take a long time, but learning how to do a few simple things in Photoshop really doesn’t. And you don’t have to stick with only Photoshop for this either. Graphic skills can be used through a variety of different programs, and even some native abilities. For example, you can take screenshots in Windows without even using anything else. The ability to take screen shots of what you’re doing and then mark it up, so that you can present the screen to others is useful in a wide number of contexts. Programs like Snagit are great for this purpose, and it usually only takes a few minutes for you to figure it out.

Overall, if you spend a day or two learning some of these skills, you will be glad you did in the long term. Every computer skill that you learn will increase the amount that you can expect to earn at your job, and increase the ability you have to make what you want actually happen.