Birthdays are an exciting time for kids, and if you have a young son, he’s probably been thinking about his birthday all year. For his birthday this year, why not throw him the perfect party that all the other kids (and parents) will be talking about for the next 365 days?

Choose a Theme

Themed parties are fun for kids, so pick a theme that he will like. If the party’s not a surprise, feel free to ask him for ideas, or let him pick one himself. If you’re stumped on ideas, some fun themes are dinosaurs, superheroes, little chefs (kids can decorate pizzas, cookies, etcs.), art themes (better for summer when kids can do this outdoors), cars, sports, or trains.

Snack Time

No birthday party is complete without food. Since it’s a kids’ party, make sure you serve familiar foods that kids will like. Provide finger-food so you do not have to worry too much about utensils. Choose food that matches the theme you choose, such as deviled eggs to represent dinosaur eggs, specialty-shaped cakes, and so on.

How To Throw The Best Birthday Party For Your Little Boy

It’s also fun for kids if they can participate in the food, and if you include food decoration as one of the activities for the party. For example, prepare mini pizza crusts that kids can decorate with their choice of ingredients, and then throw them in the oven while they do another activity. Or, choose an assortment of cupcake flavors, frostings, and toppings for children to prepare.

Make it Entertaining

Some sort of entertainment or entertainer is crucial to have at a child’s birthday party. Again, try to keep the entertainment or activity in line with the theme of the party. If the party is in the summer, you can set up a kiddie pool or slip-and-slide outdoors; if it’s winter, you can have it at an ice-skating rink. Entertainment can also consist of games that the kids play, or art projects that they engage in. If you’re at a loss, you can always hire a children’s entertainer—such as a magician—for an activity that’s as simple as it is fun.

Perfect Invitations

Now that you’ve chosen your theme, food, and activities for the party, it’s time to send out your invitations. Invitations should be sent out at least 10 days in advance, ought to mention the theme of the party, include any specific requirement for attending (like wearing a costume), disclose who’s invited (parents and families?), and provide a start and end time. If there are going to be particularly young children in attendance, try to avoid scheduling the party during naptime.

The Finishing Touches

For the perfect party, pay attention to the small details too. Keep pets in a separate room, for example, to avoid chaos. Have food prepared the night before so you can run to the store if you forget any last minute details. Have a gift area set up, so you do not have to run around tracking down presents. If parents of other children will be in attendance, set up an adult area with adult snacks and beverages—everyone will appreciate it. Good luck!

This article was written by Ashlyn Cooper, mommy blogger.  She has thrown lots of birthdays for little boys, as she has two of her own.