Companies trust BPM as it can accelerate performance and deliver solutions. They can be represented by a wide variety of enterprises from Automotive and Transportation industry to Banking and Finance. The use of bpm’online software and its solutions that are based on business process management make businesses more successful, more effective, and more efficient. Please, visit to check it out yourself.

The challenges that most if not all companies face include the following:

  • Manual processing and paper forms
  • Inconsistent and time-consuming processes
  • Limited control of request status
  • Need for approval by a supervision bodies
  • Unsupported and unreliable workflow system

Once companies implement BPM solutions, they experience great changes in their operations. Their processes become automated and streamlined. This factor is extremely important in every area, and especially in those heavily dependent on the interactions with their customers. The use of BPM products creates electronic flow of information, which, in turn, facilitates the work of personnel. Since incoming and outgoing information should be trackable, business process management utilizes web-based forms that contribute to the maneuverability of company’s operations.

Public sector agencies

For instance, public sector agencies and organizations are some of the best BPM customers, since they strive to deliver excellence in their work to provide their target audience with the latest opportunities, compliance with the current legislation, and others. Since the volume of requests is extremely large, government agencies deal with handling all of them and responding within periods of time specified by legislation.

Most government agencies experience challenges with hiring large numbers of employees and massive paperwork associated with the processes of the kind. It is a known fact that hiring process is a time consuming procedure requiring much work to be done by HR specialists. In many cases, HR personnel has no or limited access to the data regarding hiring new employees, which results in delay in making decisions as to new employment offerings.

The use of BPM systems, among others, automates such processes as providing the required information to customers and produces with much greater visibility and transparency into HR department operations.  Through integration of the existing employee base and information regarding potential employee academic credentials into HR department data base, potential bottlenecks regarding hiring new personnel can be eliminated.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies run into serious challenges trying to combine tremendous security requirements for data with massive amounts of data collection and management of compliance prerequisites. Every day, insurance agents have to make redundant data entries and ensure that all the paper-based procedures are properly followed from the beginning to the end.

The implementation of BPM tools in this industry allows for linking to medical records, connecting with customer relationship management (CRM) and processing of insurance claims, as well as expansion into many other business areas. See bpmonline CRM reviews. When deploying business process management system, we always need to keep in mind the company’s size, as it will determine the peculiarities of web-based user interface, the span of services offered and many other things.

BPM Customers

Vendors, when offering BPM and CRM services, have to ensure that automated processes reflect work policies and methodology of a particular insurance company and document all the expected scenarios and cases. In average, after implementation of BPM solutions anywhere from 60% to 80% of all tasks that were previously carried out manually become automated, which results in 45-65% performance gain. On top of that, processing of insurance applications is reduced by days.

Companies that implemented BPM software have experienced higher customer satisfaction and better workflow due to increased automation and integration of several vital areas into a single complete cycle.

Manufacturing companies

As a rule, quality and price issues determine company’s success in competition. However, in order to be ahead of others, companies, in average, should do more than just providing better quality at a cheaper price. In most cases, customers begin to look aside for other suppliers when a large amount of time elapses between initial request for a product and the time of its delivery. Also, in some instances, customers become dissatisfied in the course of change request despite high quality of a product or low prices.

Order placement and shipment take place almost at the same time in the conditions of real-time enterprises. However, observations are that many work processes have serious time lags. If companies manage to reduce delays in their services provision, it will be extremely beneficial for them. The probability of closing a deal is based on shorter shipping time after an order placement.

BPM solutions help accelerate companies’ interaction with customers through implementation of business process management tools across departments. BPM tools that are used for reporting and analysis, allow for detection of hidden delay time and utilization of alternative solutions in order to augment company’s responsiveness.

BPM customers can implement the software required for their operation based on their products and customize it to suit their needs. The business process management tools are of real aid for most companies, as they are designed to assist them in all areas of operation. For instance, when a sales agent enters a request made by a customer into the system, he/she basically starts a business process. BPM tools help define the priority of any particular request and provide customers with information regarding the feasibility of their request. The sales person receives all the meaningful information automatically and stays updated with the status of the order.

BPM Customers

BPM solutions help set deadlines for every process, and thanks to this, the delay time is eliminated. Business process management software helps employees think in terms of complete process chains as opposed to single tasks. This leads to improvement of operational quality and higher customer satisfaction, which, in turn, results in growing profits.

Measurable results of BMP use

Business process management products are designed to manage business processes across the whole enterprise and provide all the required applications for complete lifecycles. The measurable results of BPM use, leveraged by BPM customers can be as follows:

  • Significant decrease of cycle time
  • Responses to customer requests are reduced from days to hours
  • Quality enhancement
  • Higher transparency and visibility
  • Enhancement of management standards
  • Increase in customer loyalty.