Accidents are beyond anyone’s control. Injury and death are things you cannot foresee. However, to be financially secured doesn’t have to be unforeseen as well. You may not have control over accidents, but you can have appropriate safety net to protect yourself and your family from financial problems due to accidental death.

When a loved one sustained an injury or death in an accident, it’s likely that you have an accidental death claim that you can get for medical bills and other expenses. Companies often provide their employees with Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance. This is an insurance that serves to protect you and your family in case accidents.

How To Deal WIth Accidental Death Insurance Denials

The problem, however, is that AD&D claims are often being disputed by insurance companies. So what should you do then if your claims are getting denied? Appealing your decision is the best idea for you to fully take advantage of your AD&D insurance. On that note, here you can find valuable information on how to appeal for your claim.

What is AD&D Insurance?

The AD&D Insurance policy pays benefits to someone injured or killed in an accident. This type of insurance only covers accidents. That means that if the death is caused by old age, illness or self-harm, you will not be eligible to claim this insurance’s benefits. Many claims of AD&D insurance are that of the death of loved ones. However, you may still be eligible if you somehow lost an eye, limb or perhaps completely and permanently disabled. Accidental claims are often paid the same rate as AD&D death claims.

Reasons for AD&D Insurance Denial

AD&D insurance has a reputation for being complicated. It becomes even more difficult when you don’t have help from an experienced lawyer specializing on AD&D insurance. This type of insurance is relatively cheaper compared to others and that has led it to include quite a number of loopholes and exceptions.

The complexity of accidental death and dismemberment insurance leads to many claims often always denied. Some of the reasons why claims are denied include injury or death without witness, a pre-existing illness has contributed to the disability or death, the death didn’t happen on the specific period of time and evidence of substance abuse among others.

Most of the time, insurance companies deny the validity of AD&D insurance claims because of the many loopholes within the policy. If you end up having denied of your claims, contacting a specialty lawyer on AD&D insurance is your best course of action to successfully appeal the unfair decision of the insurance company.

Get Help from AD&D Insurance Attorney

Compared to other insurance policies, the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is quite complex that most policy holders would be denied of their claims. To avoid this, it is best to retain a legal counsel before filing or making an appeal. With an experienced legal counsel at your side, you can trust someone to guide in the best course of action to get your deserved benefits. The right AD&D legal counsel is sure to represent the best of your interests and work on getting benefits you and your family deserves.