Want to keep your website visitors hooked and win their trust in one go, so they buy from you? Then leverage user-generated content from your customers. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to find UGC, so add Instagram Widget on website

Coming to how you can embed it to your website, there are two easy methods. You can either use an Instagram Widget tool or the official embedding feature. Now let’s take you through both the processes of embedding Instagram posts to your website.

Getting Started with Embedding Instagram Widget on Website

Method 1. Using Instagram Widget Tool

The first method to embed Instagram Widget to the website is by using an Instagram Widget. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Selecting Social Media Aggregator

It is an important step of the process. If you select the right tool, you can maximize the ROI of embedding the Instagram widget.

One of the best tools we will recommend to you is Tagembed. With this tool, you can collect, customize, and moderate social media feeds from 15+ social media platforms. The tool also gives you the option to curate new content. Tagembed is compatible with many website-building platforms, so you can easily embed Instagram widget.

2. Aggregate Content from Instagram and Create Feed

  • After you have selected an Instagram Widget, you can create your account on it.
  • Next, add a Social feed and select the source as Instagram.
  • Through Instagram, you can aggregate content in different ways. Like Instagram personal accounts, Instagram business accounts, hashtags, mentions, etc. Select the method you want to use and click on Create Feed. The tool will collect content from Instagram and present it in a feed.

3. Customizing Feed

Once your feed is created, you can make changes in its presentation using the design features of the Instagram Widget. Use the tool and change the background, card style, text style, color, and size. Add a ticker or overlay to enhance the presentation.

Editing the Instagram posts on the feed is also possible with a few tools. Filtering content is another feature you can use to ensure quality content on the Instagram widget. 

4. Embedding Instagram Widget

Finally, after customizing the content for the Instagram widget, you are ready to embed it on your website.

  • Preview the social wall and then publish it.
  • A dialog box will appear showing the dimensions for your Instagram widget. You can edit the dimensions as per your website design and requirement.
  • Then moving forward, select your website-building platform. The Instagram Widget is compatible with various website-building platforms, so you can easily find your website-building platform.
  • After selecting the platform, you will get a code. Copy it on the clipboard or save it somewhere.
  • Now open your website editor, and paste the code where you want to add the Instagram widget.

Method 2. Using Instagram Embedding Feature

Instagram has given an embedding feature for business accounts that you can use to embed Instagram widget to your website. Here is how you can use it:

  • Open the Instagram account in the browser.
  • Select the post you want to embed on your website.
  • Click on the right-side top three buttons and then select the Embed option.
  • Copy the code and paste it on your website editor.
  • Repeat the process for every Instagram post you want to embed on the website.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Widget on Website

Adding Instagram posts and stories to your website will benefit your overall website performance and bring in great results. The main benefits of embedding the Instagram widgets on the website are:-

1. Increase engagement

Usually, website content is not engaging enough to hold the attention of visitors for long. But Instagram content is very engaging, and adding it to your website will make it interactive for your website visitors. It will increase engagement and dwell time on your website and decrease the bounce rate. 

2. Build audience trust

If you show user-generated Instagram content on your website, it will act as social proof and build your brand’s authenticity in the audience’s eyes. You can easily win the trust of your visitors and present yourself as a reliable brand. 

3. Boost sales and revenue 

Seems unreal? But it is actually true. Embedding Instagram feeds on website will help you convert your audience into customers, taking them a step further in your funnel. Ultimately, it will boost your conversations, i.e., sales and revenue.


Summing up here, we suggest that you use an Instagram Widget tool as it will make your task much faster and easy. You should embed Instagram widget to your website and convert your leads to customers by engaging them with interactive content and winning their trust with social proofs.