While the real estate crash of past years has left the real estate market in a constant state of uncertainty capitalizing on real estate investments is still one of the most prosperous ways of making money in today’s hectic job market. The best part about it is that it allows you almost complete control, freedom and flexibility over your schedule and earning potential, much like work from home jobs. This type of business opportunity is particularly useful in unpopular markets that are yet to be dominated by the biggest players in the real estate field.

So if you are looking for work from home jobs in Michigan or any other state that has faced a strong fluctuation in the real estate market make sure you consider investing as it can prove a fast and easy way to make money much like other work from home opportunities such as binary options trading.

There are several ways to finance your real estate investment business in today’s overly careful market. The traditional way of obtaining finances involves getting a loan from a bank or mortgage company and paying it off at a somewhat reasonable interest rate over a period that can vary from 10 to 30 years.

Real Estate Investment Capitalization and Financing

There are, of course, less conventional methods to obtain financing for your real estate business, however they require a bit of knowledge, information and creativity. They also require cooperative business partners and property owners.

One of the most popular alternative financing methods is the seller carry back. It basically means that the owner of the property you want to buy will agree to receive monthly payments for their property as long as a strict time limit is laid out for the price to be paid in full. This time limit varies and can be anywhere from one to five years.

Another often used method of getting financing is the seller second. This basically means that you will get a second mortgage that will cover the downpayment of the first, which in this case is carried by the property’s seller. For example if you qualify for your loan but it requires a 15 percent or larger down payment you will get a second mortgage for the 15 percent that is carried by the seller of the property. This method of financing is advantageous for both parties as the seller receives the majority of his money while you don’t have to put down any of your own money.

Once financed, make sure you know how to capitalize on your properties if you can’t sell them at a price or in a timeframe that best suits your goals.  You can get the yearly capitalization rate by dividing the apartment’s current worth by the yearly rental revenue after taxes and other related costs. The resulting number will be your yearly capitalization rate. Compare this with your yearly interest rate and get a feel for how much potential a property actually has. Make sure you also take inflation into consideration.