People have been taking advantage of others and it is to understand why we need lawyers. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are equal and some of them may neglect their clients for weeks or months. There are cases of lawyers who neglect their clients and they may only take money from clients without giving them real understanding.

There are a couple of mistakes clients may make, one is selecting a bad lawyer and another is poor communication after they choose a lawyer. Here are mistakes we should avoid when choosing a lawyer:

4 Mistakes When Choosing A Lawyer

1. Relying in combined experience:

Many law firms tout “xxx” years of combined experience to fully magnify their overall credentials. If we are looking a truly experienced lawyer, this kind of hype doesn’t tell us anything about the actual experience of each, individual lawyer. There’s still a chance that we will be assigned a new lawyer who lacks an experience, while experienced ones are working with more serious cases. Combined figure can make everything sounds grander, but often it is just a puny ant under a magnifying glass.

2. Trusting laundry list of hype:

Many firms tout their laundry list of additional services and many of them may not be suited for our situation. Jack of all trades is often a master of none. It is a good thing to be capable of doing many things, but in many cases we need professionals who can do specific things really well. Lawyers should be well trained to handle specific cases, such as copyright protection or mortgage settlement. A reliable law firm should have specific specializations in a few fields.

Actually, many consumers are looking for a one-stop shopping service and they look for firms that can handle many different matters. In this case, we should be sure that the assigned lawyer has good experience in an area. It is also a good idea to get client testimonials for different firms.

3. Choosing bigger law firm:

Many clients think that bigger law firms can provide more services and usually more reliable. However, we may need to choose a smaller firm to get more personal attention. Some firms even intentionally have group photographs that include all the secretaries and clerks to make them comparable with those mega firms. It is more important to focus more on personal attention and care. This is something that we need to look first when visiting a firm.

4. Choosing cheapest offers:

In many cases, cheapest isn’t always the best. It is better to find a balance between cost, service and reliability. Obviously, we won’t choose a doctor only because he is the cheapest in town. We also should get the smartest, most attentive and if possible, best lawyer. Cost shouldn’t override other important factors such as reputation, positive testimonials, experience and overall ability. In the end, cheap legal advices could end up costing us immensely.

In general, we shouldn’t just assume and it is more important to check for details. Don’t assume that all lawyers are created equal.

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