If your team needs a booster right now, then a video motivation can be a rocking idea. Companies boost morale of employees with gifts or promotion. A bonus definitely means something but to motivate an employee for the company requires the video trick. How about preparing a video zen booster that can be starkly different from the normal rat race? We offer some inspirational ideas that can be successful in re-energizing the employees

Performance Coaching in Demand

 Have you ever been to a seminar where powerful slides with videos catch your imagination? Use this technique to get the staff to move out of their comfort zone. There is a good reason why life coaches and business coaches are in demand today. They help build the confidence and re-align the goals for the team. Many professionals are invited to companies to recharge their employees and motivate them to perform better. The use of video motivation has an ultimate effect. People come to work, do their duty, and go back home but the office provides a space where they interact and also take interest in being an asset to the organization. As the owner you owe every department a daily dose of motivation.

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“People often say motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing. That is why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

 Why Motivate at All?

In today’s environment, the average employee is distracted. Mid-level employees are always on the lookout for better job opportunities. The HR division finds it difficult to make them stay back. To keep up their spirits and flagging interest video boosters can be shown frequently. It will at least keep reinforcing the need to meet the company goals and also their personal goals. If you can manage to keep your employee for resigning for at least 2 years, it is a feat. Offering options in the workplace where they spend hours together, is a good idea. A video can even speak about the new healthy cafeteria in the premises. It does boost productivity in a big way. Just the water cooler and coffee vending machines will not be effective.

A company that has a purpose manages to retain its employees. It could be a corporate responsibility in which the employees take part in. Pick up a cause and promote it to the employees. Ask them what they would like to see? Keep interactive sessions to involve them as they keep performing. When they perform well, praise the work and let everyone know. It adds to the self-esteem and makes them more confident. Reinforce that they will always be taken care of.

Introduce a video of a health care program. Seeing their company concerned for their health and well being acts a motivating factor for employees.

Catch up with video blogs online

Already there are companies that have set aside a team that brings out video blogs for their internal communication. A few of them are motivational and have worked successfully. It is this impetus that is encouraging others also to do the same. There is an inspirational video by late Steve Jobs which is still available online. The enterprise video platform starts with him saying, “About a year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer…” and that set the emotional chord with the audience. It is working not only for the company where he worked but also for the students. Making mistakes is part of the game. Learning the lesson and moving on is the right thing to do.