Young workers are struggling to find jobs in today’s economy. Most employers are trying their best to stick with seasoned workers that they can find at a low cost, because they presumably are less risk than a college graduate.

And yet it is not just employers that are keeping young workers out of the job market – it is the workers themselves, writing resumes that do not help them impress the employer enough to be called to a job interview.

Main Mistake of Young Job Applicants

One of the biggest mistakes of college graduates is the common attempt of young workers to make their resumes “bigger.” They are trying too hard to make it look like they have a lot of experience working in the field, even though their experience is very limited.

This is especially true in the job history section of the resume, where graduates have a tendency to put every job they have ever held in order to make it look like they have been working for years.

Your Bad Jobs Don’t Matter

As you write your resume, remember that your resume is not credit report. It is a sales page. It is you doing your best to sell yourself to the employer. Part of selling is focusing on the points that will actually impress the employer.

So let’s say that during college (and soon after) you managed to hold two jobs. One was with a well known technology company where you completed tasks that are identical to the job you are applying for. The other is with a fast food restaurant where your job was “burger flipper.”

College graduates have a tendency to list both jobs. But the employer does not care that you worked as a burger flipper – in fact, they may look down on that job and think less of you than they did previously. However, if you only put the relevant job with the tech company, then the employer only sees direct, relevant experience that will help you get the job.

Keep it Short

Resumes and cover letters should only focus on the jobs and work history that matters to the employer. Anything else is just unimportant information that takes away more from your resume than it gives back.