If you like to play online rummy, then you will definitely like to play cards’ tournaments to keep yourself entertained and earn some money. There are several rummy websites to play cards on, but there is none as overwhelming as Khelplay Rummy in India. Why do we say so? It is because the website is reliable and has transparent policies.

Moreover, there are interesting ultimate rummy tournaments that give away real cash prizes. Below given are some of the tournaments held on the site, which you should surely play.

  • Fortune Tournament

Daily earning is not a dream anymore if you take part in the Fortune Tournament. You can participate for free in these card games for the initial 21 days. The days are counted from the date of registration on the site. There are 3 levels in this time-based tournament. It is held two times in a day. If you can play in the early evening then 4:00 PM is the slot available, and if you wish to play in the night 9:00 PM is the available slot. There are a maximum of 400 members allowed per tournament. The first ranker wins Rs. 150.

  • Daily Freeroll Tournament

In case you make a deposit in your site account, you can play the Daily Freeroll Tournament for free. Every day, the tournament will begin at 3:05 PM. There can be a maximum of 180 winners. A total of 1900 players can participate at a time in this rummy online game. Rs. 5 thousand is the total prize money, which will be distributed among the winners.

  • Crazy Tournament

What if we tell you that you can win a lot of cash by playing a series of Crazy Tournaments? Yes, these are round based Indian rummy tournaments held at regular intervals. Final amount of prize will differ depending on the number of participants in the game. More the value of buy-in, greater is the prize amount for the eligible winners. For instance, at a buy-in of Rs. 50, the first ranker will win Rs. 720, while at a buy-in of Rs. 10 buy-in; the first ranker will receive Rs. 170.

  • KPR Tournaments

If you are a cash player at Khelplay Rummy, then you can participate in KPR tournaments held every evening at 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. You can join this rummy patti game by making a deposit of Rs. 200 minimum, on the day of the tournament. There will be total 4 winners to receive the guaranteed cash prize. Rank 1,2,3,4, will win Rs. 100, 75, 75, 50, respectively.

  • Rupee 1 Tournament

How about earning Rs. 2 thousand by playing classic rummy every day? It seems a fetching offer, does not it? You can participate in Rupee 1 tournament, wherein, the buy-in is just at Rs. 1. To be eligible for this tournament, you must make a deposit in your site account. Number of participants in a tournament is limited to 500 people. Winners per tournament will not exceed 40 people. The game starts at 5:05 PM. By playing this tournament, you stand the chance of winning a cash prize of Rs. 62 thousand, every month.

  • Super Sunday Tournament

Usually on a Sunday night after partying, you may dread that Monday is just around the corner. But, on this weekend, you can smile broader as there is a chance to win Rs. 10 thousand. Yes, every Sunday this Indian rummy game tournament begins at 9:00 PM. Thus, total monthly cash prize is Rs. 50 thousand. To participate, there is a nominal buy-in of rupees 20 only. Registration closes 5 minutes before the game begins.

There are various other unlimited rummy tournaments held on Khelplay Rummy to make the most of your free-time. Check these tournaments out today.