Though we’re more likely to hear about cyberattacks on businesses nowadays, that’s not to say that break-ins and robberies don’t happen. In 2019 alone, retail shrinkage stood at an eye-watering £5.5 billion in the United Kingdom – that’s the same as every person in the country taking £73 worth of goods home without paying for them. Though some shrinkage is inevitable, there are ways to increase your business premises’ security and reduce theft…

Be Alert on High-traffic Days

According to one report, shoplifting is significantly more likely on Wednesday through Saturday, and afternoon shoplifting is more common than morning shoplifting. Though this can vary from store-to-store and industry to industry, it pays off to keep your guard up.

Keep your Premises Clean

Whether you run a local fashion boutique or an office, having a messy and unorganised workspace will make it easier for people to steal from you. If you don’t know what goes where or you’re used to losing documents and equipment, you’ll increase the likelihood of having items stolen – and being none the wiser when a shoplifter walks out with £1,000s!

Make Employees Part of the Fight

Although fighting crime should never be the responsibility of your customer-facing team, it is wise to forge strong relationships with them and ensure they feel valued. In doing so, they’ll take some ownership of your store and will be more likely to stay on the lookout, and ultimately report any criminal activity. According to one report, 75% of employees admit to stealing from their employer – if they’re not on your side, they’re more likely to take from you.

Outsource your Security

The chances are that you already have CCTV at your business premises, but what about a security guard or a team on-hand who you can call when you need back-up? Nowadays, the police only deal with shoplifting and other antisocial behaviour when they have time, and so working with an FM provider who can offer security will give your employees peace of mind.

Be a Thief for the Day

We’re of course not suggesting that you start stealing from businesses and stores, but you should put on a robber’s hat for an hour and walk into your store or office space as if you were a criminal. What immediately stands out to you? When you are designing your office layout or retail space, think like a thief – put easily-stolen items in hard-to-reach areas and ensure that CCTV cameras and other deterrent devices are placed strategically in-store.

Do you have any other tips? Let us know and check back soon for more updates.