Your job as a stay-at-home parent is a demanding one. The summer months are fun at first, but by the end they drag on as you run out of ways to keep your kids entertained. Well, now that school is back in session, the kids are gone half the day and you have much more time on your hands. How about filling that time with new hobbies that interest you and give you a sense of fulfillment? Here are seven ideas to inspire you.


A wonderful way to document your memories from the summer, and share them with your loved ones at the same time, is to get on Comcast internet and start a family blog. You could keep the blog private and share intimate information about your family with a select few, or you could post tips you’ve learned about staying sane as a parent of active children. With the right approach, you can even turn your blogging hobby into an income generator.


You undoubtedly captured many photos of your family enjoying the summer together. Savor the memories and display them in a fun, creative way by scrapbooking the photos. Start by printing off your favorites. Then visit a craft store and stock up on scrapbooking albums, paper, stickers and other supplies. Enjoy your afternoons spread out on the living room floor, putting your own creative flair on each page you lovingly construct.

Creating Crafts you can Sell

It’s fun to create handmade crafts for your home, but you can take your hobby to the next level by selling some of your creations online. It’s a fun, stress-free way to boost your income and your self-esteem as you watch people place orders for your carefully crafted creations.


There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book. Make your passion for reading more convenient than ever by choosing an e-reader to purchase your books on. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with the “old fashioned” approach of browsing through paperbacks at the bookstore or library. Whichever route you take, be sure to choose books that lift your spirits and provide food for thought. The last thing you need is to feel depressed after reading a downer just in time for your kids to walk through the door.

Working Out

Hobbies To Pick Up Now That The Kids Are Back In School

It’s easy to say you don’t have time to work out, but put that excuse aside now that the kids are back in school. Improve your health and physical appearance while sending your self-esteem through the roof by turning arduous workouts into a passionate hobby. Give yourself something to work toward, such as a 5K race, marathon or other event. Exercising is just about the healthiest hobby you can have.

Learning to Play an Instrument

Pick up a brand new instrument or revitalize a long lost talent. When the kids are at school and the house is empty, that’s the perfect time to practice until you’re ready to perform in front of an audience, even if the crowd is made up of just your family. If you’re already proficient at your instrument, join a community orchestra or band, or volunteer to accompany a local choir. Sharing your talents makes your hobby that much more fulfilling.


Fall is typically the time to harvest vegetables you dutifully planted in the spring and summer. If you didn’t get around to it this year, it’s not too late to plant certain flowers and vegetables in the fall, depending on your climate. For a flourishing vegetable garden, plant broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes and spinach four to eight weeks before the first frost. If a flower garden is more your style, plant goldenrod, fall crocus, Mexican sage, sweet autumn clematis or other flowers that flourish in your climate during the fall.

Now is clearly the time to pursue your dreams and enjoy fulfilling hobbies while your children are in school. There’s no reason to wait until they’re much older, since by then it could be too late. Starting a new hobby now is actually an excellent way to be a good role model for your children and inspire them to try something new, too.