Whether the goal is to make yourself more physically attractive, for better performance in a sporting event or religious reasons – hair removal is a common practice among both men and women. With so many options at your disposal, it can be almost overwhelming choosing your removal tool. If you are in need of hair removal where should you turn? There is not necessarily a wrong way as it mostly depends on personal preference and the part of your body that you want hair removed from. Throughout the following paragraphs we will discuss everything you need to know about hair removal methods.

Figuring Out Hair Removal - What Are Your Options?
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Tweezing, or plucking, is great if you have a smaller area where you need to remove hair – like eyebrows, for example. This lets you be very selective, with a high level of control. Small jobs take just seconds, can be done just about anywhere with a mirror and this method is one of the cheapest available.

The down side? It gets tedious plucking hairs one by one and frequent plucking can permanently kill your hair follicles. Tweezing should not be used on nose hairs as it can risk infection. Lastly, improper use can lead to cutting or scarring of the skin – so be sure to stay away from cheap, sharp tweezers.

Figuring Out Hair Removal - What Are Your Options?

Wax On, wax Off

We’ve all seen it in the movies or on TV – wax jobs look painful but they get the job done in a hurry. There are various wax jobs that can be done, varying from bikini waxes all the way to a chin wax. Waxing involves a hot wax being applied to the skin and a piece of paper or cloth set above the layer of wax. After that, the strip of paper/cloth is quickly yanked away in the opposite direction that your hair is growing – pulling your hairs along with it. You can actually do this at home with your own kits, although it might be a little easier to have it done professionally.

Waxing is not always the best option, though. Results last for as little as two weeks, which means that you may be making frequent waxing appointments. If you do this at home, it can get messy, painful and there is a risk of skin infection. If you are inexperienced at waxing, you might end up breaking a lot of your hairs off midway, rather than pulling them out which gives you the desired smooth look. In other words, if you mess up the first time, you will have to resort to another method to finish the job.

Figuring Out Hair Removal - What Are Your Options?


Shaving is generally the easiest and least painful method with the only downside being that the hair will grow back sooner rather than later. Choosing the right razor or electric razor can be difficult as each one is contoured differently to the curves of your face or body. In order to avoid being stuck with a painful electric razor, look for ones that have a long enough return policy for you to give an extensive trial run. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having to shave your face with a painful razor! Shaving without proper shaving cream can also damage your skin – so pick up a nice silvertip badger and apply a quality cream to your face/body before beginning.

Figuring Out Hair Removal - What Are Your Options?

Laser or Electrolysis?

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair. This process is quick and easy, but is not for everyone and involves shooting a laser at specific areas of your body which gets absorbed by your hair follicles, killing them for a period of time.

It seems easy, however, most lasers work best on those with light skin and dark hair. Attempting laser hair removal on the wrong person can lead to the skin absorbing the laser and burning – which leads to the next option: electrolysis. This method is basically a bug zapper for your hair. A small needle hits your hair follicle with a jolt of electricity, killing it permanently. Lasers can be used on large areas at once, whereas electricity can only be used on one hair at a time.