A lot of people unfortunately struggle with self esteem issues and can’t find their confidence. This can set them back in a lot of ways. For example, they may not go for promotions at work or make new friends and romantic partners due to their self esteem holding them back. This means that their self esteem and confidence can then get worse, as nothing in their life changes and they don’t experience new things. However, by taking steps in order to find your confidence, you will be able to make positive changes in your life. 


Celebrate Your Talents

Recognising the things you are good at and celebrating them can make you feel a lot better about yourself. Everyone is different, and everyone is good at something. By celebrating your natural talents and cultivating them in the workplace, amongst friends or as a hobby can make you feel much better about what you are good at. Placing your talents at the forefront of your life can instantly improve your self esteem and help you find your confidence. 


Recognise Your Achievements

Setting goals for yourself and meeting them is one of the best ways you can improve your confidence, no matter how small that goal is. For example, if you set yourself a goal to cook dinner every night or go to the gym 2 nights a week, you should celebrate it when you meet that goal. You should recognise and celebrate every small achievement you make in your life. This way, you will be celebrating your growth as a person and your achievements, which can work wonders for your self esteem. It can also make you much more likely to stick at your goals. 


Set Boundaries

One of the biggest reasons why people have no self esteem is because they don’t know when to say no, and how to protect themselves and their personal time. People pleasers often do things for other people without thinking about how it could affect them or take their time away. However, by practising self care, saying no and setting boundaries with people, you will be able to improve your self esteem. Having a clear idea about your boundaries and how you can look after yourself can help you find your confidence.


Build Positive Relationships

Building positive relationships with people is one of the best ways you can find your confidence. Finding people to be friends with and making new friends who are positive can help you change a negative mindset. Spending time with people who are positive about you and celebrate you can help you find your self esteem and change your thinking regarding yourself. You should also ‘water your flowers’ and work on spending time with your existing friends who love and support you. Spending time around other people whose company you enjoy, and who also enjoy your company, can drastically improve a negative headspace. 


Take A Risk

One of the many reasons why people have low self esteem is because they get stuck in a rut. They don’t find anything new to do, and this can lead them to feel unstimulated and bored, which can lead to low self esteem. However, by switching things up and taking a risk, you can cure this boredom and improve your mindset. For example, why not sign up for a sport in your area or a pottery class? Or, you could go backpacking or book a holiday, so you can change your surroundings and explore the world. Doing new things can make you feel much better about your lifestyle. 


Be Thankful

Finding small things to be thankful for every single day can make a big difference when it comes to a lack of confidence and negative mindset. For example, whenever you wake up in the morning, go through some things you can be thankful for. This could be your family, your friends, your hobbies or interests and much more. It could even be a TV show or film you’ve enjoyed recently. When you go through your day, try to notice small things that you are appreciative of – the birds singing, fresh coffee, or good food to name a few. This way, you will be able to see the world around you and yourself in a much more positive light. 



A lot of people swear by meditation in order to improve their mental health and their confidence. Having a calm mind can improve your confidence as it can help you better recognise unhealthy thinking patterns, and can allow you to be much more self-aware. Starting your day with a clear mind can make you feel much better about yourself and the day ahead. There are many meditation apps and free guided meditation apps online, so start your meditating journey today. It could transform your self confidence!


Eat Right

Eating a lot of junk food can create serotonin in the brain at the moment, but in the long run, it can be actively harming your brain. When you don’t get enough nutrients and vitamins, your brain doesn’t work as quickly and clearly as it can. A balanced diet can help you feel your best which can make you feel much happier in yourself. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables ensures that your body is working the best it can, and can mean your confidence gets much better as a result. 


Get Some Exercis

Exercise is a great way to release serotonin into the brain, which can make you feel much more positive about yourself in the long run. When you take the steps to take care of yourself, you will feel much more capable and connected to the world around you. Doing something fun like dancing to music or going for a walk with a friend can improve your mood and make you feel more confident. Joining a sports club near you can work wonders for your confidence – you will be making friends, learning new skills and getting exercise all at once. This is one of the best ways to build your confidence. 


Look After Your Health 

It can be easy to feel down on yourself and less confident when you aren’t looking after your health. Making sure you go to regular doctor and dentist check ups to ensure you’re taking care of your general health as much as possible. Expert dentists who specialise in teeth whitening Cheltenham based, have stated that doing small things to improve your general and dental health can massively improve self esteem. For example, having a teeth whitening treatment or going to the doctors about a small problem can make you feel a lot more confident, however, many people put it off. However, taking these steps to invest in yourself and look after yourself can transform how you see yourself, which can help you find your confidence.